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NFC Promotional Products

What are NFC Promotional Products?

NFC promotional products are one of the latest trends in marketing. They are a way to take traditional promotional products and integrate them with the digital world. They fuction through NFC technology and RFID chips embedded in the products.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a contactless protocol that allows electronic devices to transfer data via a wireless antenna when they are within four centimeters of each other.  The most recognizable application of this technology today would be Google’s Android Pay and Apple Pay.

Why should you be using them?

Picture this: Your client sees a logo on their promotional product and by hoovering over it, they launch a video clip for a new product announcement, or see the current interest rates for a new mortgage. It can also be as simple as a landing page to complete an online contact form. All these actions and any additional browsing that the customer does on the connected page, can be tracked and analyzed to eliminate even more of the guesswork in marketing.